About us

We are a couple of guys who decided to build a company. We've worked for some pretty terrible bosses. We won't name names but if we haven't talked since we stopped working together, you're a crappy boss we hated working for. We've spent a lot of time working for other companies and realized that too many people out there don't know how to treat their employees. They ask for more than they deserve while trying to find ways to eliminate the costs, ie you. We decided to build a company that cares about employees and their families while taking care of customers. 

We've got all types of mission statements, value statements, etc but at the end of the day our goal is to design, produce, and sell apparel that you want to wear. We design clothes to make a statement. Sometimes that statement is funny, political, religious, irreverent, etc. 

We do not try to offend people. Unfortunately there are so many people out there who are searching for the newest and next best way to be offended. So here is the deal. If you are offended chances are you need to lighten up. If you are still offended you might need a drink. After your drink, if you're still offended, send us an email. Please note once you send that email, it's our property. 

We embrace that we're all different and yet we've got to learn how to get along. We're just trying to pay mortgages, dance lessons, and fix our rain gutters.